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Domain Name Management

domain name management


Registering your domain name is a crucial first step in launching your online business. Like a street address, your domain name allows your customers and prospects to find you amongst the millions of other web sites.

You'll probably use your domain name in your email address and marketing, both online and offline - it becomes a vital part of your brand and, in some cases, can become the brand itself. Choosing the right domain name is, therefore, very important.

There are various extensions available for each domain name (.com, .org, etc.) and some require you to meet specific eligibility criteria. For example, to register a domain name you will need to show that the name you choose bears a strong relationship to your business name or specific products and services.

You may adopt a strategy of registering multiple domain names (either with variations in the spelling or with different extensions) to ensure your customers and prospects can find you even when they type in a "wrong" name, or to prevent other businesses from attracting people who are really looking for you.

But, don't worry - we'll work through all the options and help you determine the best strategy for your business.

All you need to do is Get Started.

I was introduced to DNG Technology a few years ago and have been working with them ever since. Initially I needed a website overhaul and they took it from OK to GREAT. They have since created a number of fantastic websites for our various businesses, all of which are both appealing and functional.
Liz Peter, Director, Stellar Women

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