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ecommerceEverything you need to grow your business online


eCommerce, in simple terms, is selling products or services using an online shopping system.  However, there's a great deal of complexity behind the scenes.

Consider an eCommerce website as an extra sales person... one who's always there, 24 hours a day, and works for free!  They can serve multiple customers at once, are never rude, never make mistakes and know as much about your products as you want them to!

DNG Technology can either build you a complete eCommerce system or just link your existing online shop to your sparkling, new DNG-created website!




You did a fantastic job in layout, photographs and presentation to attract more bookings. We’re indebted to you, as our increase in accommodation can be clearly attributed to our new sites.
David Stanhope, Owner, Robetown Motor Inn and Guichen Bay Motel

DNG Technology

286 Glen Osmond Road
Fullarton SA 5063

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