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Email Management

Possibly the most important business communication method in use today


email management

It’s becoming impossible to run a successful business without email. Customers expect to correspond with you in writing, and while it may still have meant pen and paper a decade ago, today this means email!

There are many ways you can enable your business for email, ranging from a simple gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail account to provisioning your own Microsoft Exchange Server.

However, services like gmail are not intended for business use. For starters you can't remove their domain names from the end of your email address.

To maintain a professional image, your company email addresses should ‘belong’ to your company. You can achieve this by owning your own domain (or domains) and using the domain name as part of your email addresses.

And, if you don’t own a domain name, we can register a domain on your behalf. 

To use your own domain name in email addresses, you'll need email hosting. DNG provides two email hosting products, both of which include comprehensive SPAM filtering.


The DNG team has the expertise, vision and experience to work with you to create what you hope to achieve. Our original website was created with their insight, and our next is well on its way. Frankly, we wouldn't deal with anyone else.
Rob Morrell, Managing Director, Austbrokers Terrace

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