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Partner Feature - Tracking Right

Partner Feature - Tracking Right

Moving Your Business in the Right Direction

At Tracking Right we help our clients to “move their businesses in the right direction”. We focus on a range of elements critical to the success of any small to medium business, including –

  • Achieving greater control through organised administration
  • Building the best performing teams in the safest work environments possible
  • Getting found more often by maximising every marketing opportunity available
  • Increasing productivity through better time and resource management
  • Ensuring technology in all its forms is actively embraced.

Tracking Right is a team of highly professional individuals who have come together under the leadership of Laraine Floyd to share their wealth of experience which has been gained from many years spent in wholesale and retail sales, manufacturing, and professional and service organisations.

Our clients are made up of sole traders, small business owners and companies - from those just starting out to well established enterprises, and we're passionate about understanding the unique business requirements of each one. In this way we can tailor our services to achieve the most effective, long term outcomes.

Our services can be as minimal as a few hours, to assistance with a specific long term project or even looking for additional, ongoing resources to help operate and grow a small business. We can provide services either remotely or we can put our resources on the ground wherever we're needed.  

staff and recruitmentHuman Resources and Recruitment

Companies that outsource their HR with Tracking Right enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a qualified and engaged workforce, a reduction in employer related risk, and a comprehensive HR program, while always keeping costs within budget.

Not only can you have our experience and expertise on tap, but we're positioned to expand and contract with you as required. We can help you put some basic policies and procedures in place and provide advice on specific issues, all the way through to handling your entire staff recruitment, management, training and development needs.

The best businesses understand it’s not just about filling a job today; it's about building a wealth of talent and support that will stay and perform.


Administrative tasks can take up to one third of a small business owner’s time – Tracking Right can alleviate much of this pressure, leaving them to focus on their core business.

Some of the tasks we handle include document preparation, filing and records management, budgeting and financial projections, management and board reporting, arrange and manage external services and business and personal travel. 


We help small businesses to build marketing programs that create visibility, awareness and differentiation.

Most small to medium businesses don't have the budget for a marketing director or marketing manager. More importantly, they don’t have the budget for marketing mistakes or advertising that doesn’t pay off. Yet, many business owners continue to do their own advertising and marketing. Tracking Right can assist with marketing plans, newsletters and brochures, manage your social media, email campaigns and launch events – anything to do with raising the profile of your business.


Partner with Tracking Right and we'll help you move your business in the Right direction.

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Neverending Story

So you’ve got your shiny new website and it looks fantastic on desktops and handhelds, is quick and has great content. Job done right?  Now you can move on to something else and let your site bring in the clients?  Not quite.

Over the coming weeks we’ll publish a number of articles discussing the care and well-being of your digital assets.

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Cloud is the New "Normal"

Why Amazon says your business is destined for the cloud.


Working in the cloud is an inevitable outcome for your small business, according to Mike Clayville, vice president of worldwide commercial sales and business development at Amazon Web Services (AWS).

At this morning’s AWS Summit in Sydney, Clayville reflected on last year’s summit, where he used his keynote to tell the audience cloud was not a question of ‘if’ for Australian business, but a question of ‘how’.

“[Twelve months ago] it quit being if I should go to the cloud, to how do I get to the cloud?” Clayville told the audience of more than 3000 people.

Twelve months later, Clayville says the business world’s interest in the cloud has evolved even further.

“It’s no longer a question how do we move our workload to the cloud, it’s about asking really big questions,” he says. “We’re now asking how do I get completely out of the data centre? How do we move all of our workloads into cloud?”

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What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

A Word About Web Marketing

Having a fantastic website means nothing if no one can find you, and more and more of our clients are relying on their web site as a core component of their business strategy.

The Internet is becoming more competitive. Not only do you need to draw potential clients and customers to your web site, you need to understand the key factors that encourage them to take the next step in the business transaction, whether it's to buy online, or seek further information and contact.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is crucial to getting people to your site, but web marketing analysis is essential to understand customer behaviour and to identify the key factors that influence their web-based decision making.

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Google's New Mobile Search Rules

If your business website isn't mobile-friendly then you're about to slide down the rankings when people search from their smartphone or tablet.

Whatever business you're in, a high Google search ranking is critical. Whether customers are looking for a panel beater, a pastry chef or a plumber, these days they reach for a web browser rather than the old paper phone books. But more than that, if they're staring at a dent in their car or a broken hot water service, they'll probably reach for the smartphone in their pocket to look someone up on the spot.

If you're invisible in mobile search results then you've just lost a customer to the competition.

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