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Ok, so we're going to be totally up-front.

If you want us to create a website for you, it's going to cost you a minimum of $2,000, and that's for a basic site - it's really good, but basic!

Instead, we're looking to partner with our clients for the long haul, to work together and to help them deliver success. We're not looking to "get in and get out" - just creating a website that'll be left unattended and uncared for, and most definitely will not achieve the outcomes you want. Our business is built around our desire to deliver on your overall business objectives, and this means we just aren't suited to building a $500 website.

However, we do understand that when you're first getting started, budgets are tight, and there's some stuff you just have to do yourself - hey, we've all been there. So what we've done is put together some links to sites that might help you get started. They all have a freebie option so you can experiment and, while you're starting our, this may be all you need.

But, when you're ready to take your business to the next stage and introduce a level of complexity, functionality and added professionalism these tools can't provide, come back and talk to us - we'll help you make it happen.

So, until then, check out the options below and, if you're really stuck, drop us a note using the form at the bottom of the page and we'll be happy to help you out.


The quick and easy way to create your first website.

The Easiest Way to Create a Website.


Ecwid is a great little ecommerce system. It will get your products online fast, allow you to take online payments to your Paypal account, everything you need. It also has integrations to Facebook so that you can set up your Facebook shop and various other options.



We use Asana all the time to manage our projects and the myriad of information we seem to collect these days.

Asana Project Management


Good luck as you start buidling your business. We wish you all the best and, remember, if you need help with anything digital, drop us a line.



Need some help? Ask away ...

The DNG team has the expertise, vision and experience to work with you to create what you hope to achieve. Our original website was created with their insight, and our next is well on its way. Frankly, we wouldn't deal with anyone else.
Rob Morrell, Managing Director, Austbrokers Terrace

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