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IT Support

Everyone needs a bit of computer help from time to time...

DNG IT Support


Computers can be as frustrating as they are useful and they all tend to fail just when you need them the most. If you have an urgent problem, call us and see if we can help.

IT support isn't just about repairing computers once they've failed, it's as much about minimising the risk of failure in the fist place.  DnG Technology can help you with things like:


  • Provision and Installation of Anti-Malware and Security Software
  • Disaster Recovery Planning (including local or cloud based backups)
  • Networking Assistance
  • Software Installation and Configuration
  • Basic PC Skills Training
  • ... and fixing your broken computer


1300 377 172


For assistance or advice, call our 1300 number or use the form below.


DNG Technology has provided my companies with IT and website support for many years. They possess a wealth of experience and knowledge, although their ‘non-tech’ explanations have meant I'm always able to easily understand the solutions they propose. They provide flexible and highly responsive services that are often innovative and always reflect a keen understanding of what it is I'm trying to achieve.
David Hilton, Director, DHC Group

DNG Technology

286 Glen Osmond Road
Fullarton SA 5063

Phone: +61 1300 377 172

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