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Neverending Story

Neverending Story
So you’ve got your shiny new website and it looks fantastic on desktops and handhelds, is quick and has great content. Job done right?  Now you can move on to something else and let your site bring in the clients?  Not quite.

Over the coming weeks we’ll publish a number of articles discussing the care and well-being of your digital assets.


Most people understand the importance of keeping Windows, or any other operating system (OS) up to date. As security issues are identified, OS vendors ‘plug the leaks’ through patch releases or updates and hopefully, keep the hackers at bay.  But it’s not just software running on your local systems you should be thinking about…

These days, nearly all websites are built using some kind of content management system (CMS) to allow simple editing of site content, among other things.  Nearly all CMS use ‘extensions’ or ‘plugins’ to extend the facilities of the system.  Extensions are written by many different companies of varying capability and security awareness.  Both the CMS and extension authors will, over time, identify issues in their software that require it to be patched. Some issues are minor and some would be classified as critical security issues.  Hackers routinely exploit these ‘flaws’ to gain access to systems they shouldn’t have access to so it’s important to keep systems up to date.

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