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SEO InSite

Easy ways to improve your Search Engine Rankings

Improve your rankings while outperforming your competition


SEO InSite improve search engine rankings


Small businesses use SEO InSite because they get a complete SEO software solution with all the tools necessary to get high rankings on Google and other search engines. There's no need to buy multiple tools or services. 

Large businesses use SEO InSite because they don't have to hire SEO agencies to get their website listed on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. With the sophisticated and easy-to-use tools in SEO InSite, companies can do search engine optimisation in-house. SEO InSite offers multi-user accounts - so it's easy to assign employees to particular projects and/or tools.


Why our clients choose SEO InSite...


  • Everything you need

  • SEO InSite is a complete suite of sophisticated search engine optimization tools that are fully compatible with the latest search engine algorithm changes.
  • Easily track your search positions

  • SEO InSite provides a powerful ranking monitor that checks the position of your web pages for all your keywords on Google, Yahoo and Bing across numerous countries and regions.
  • Check out your competition

  • SEO InSite offers powerful SEO competitive intelligence tools that mean you can keep a check on the backlinks, Google AdWords ads and Google rankings of your competition.

    Reveal their SEO strategies and use this knowledge to improve your own rankings quickly and easily.

  • Professional backlink tools

  • Backlinks are a critical ranking signal for Google and other major search engines. And, it’s important to get the right backlinks. 

    The backlink building tools in SEO InSite help you improve the backlink structure of your website. SEO InSite is a spam-free search engine optimization tool. 

    SEO InSite also offers a link disinfection tool that helps you remove harmful links that point to your website.

  • Find the best keywords

  • With keywords being one of the cornerstones of successful SEO campaigns, the sophisticated keyword research tool in SEO InSite will help you develop the best keywords and phrases for your website. 

    Generate keyword suggestions, identify your competitors’ keywords, determine keyword difficulty and optimize keyword lists for Google AdWords.

  • Social Media integration

  • What are other people saying about your company and your products on Twitter and other social networks? SEO InSite has the answers and will allow you to react quickly to both positive and negative reviews. 

    SEO InSite also monitors how often your pages are liked, tweeted and mentioned on social networks.

  • Website Analytics

  • SEO InSite easily integrates with your Google Analytics account, providing easy-to-read reports to help you better understand your website visitors. 

    A variety of reports will help answer questions like – who are your visitors? How many come from social networks? Which social network sends the most? Which page has the highest conversion? Which keyword is the best performing? And many more…

  • Automatic website SEO audits

  • Take a weekly website health check with SEO InSite – quickly fix errors that have a negative influence on your website’s search engine rankings. 

    Use the SEO InSite audit tool to automatically locate duplicate content problems, canonical URLs, broken links and tags that can be improved, and ensure Google and the other search engines can index all your pages correctly.


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You did a fantastic job in layout, photographs and presentation to attract more bookings. We’re indebted to you, as our increase in accommodation can be clearly attributed to our new sites.
David Stanhope, Owner, Robetown Motor Inn and Guichen Bay Motel

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